A digital drawing in golden tones of a white person's profile bordered with grape vine motifs. They have a small ponytail with an undercut, and wear golden glasses and an earring with a moon and company star. They have little nubby horns. To their left there's three drawings of discord, email, and tumblr's icons  and, further text reading sometrasno in nouveau styled letters.

You can call me Gale or Trasno! I'm a galician artist, mostly active on tumblr. May I interest you in pictures of my cat?


Hey! I made this site because I grew quite frustrated with social media, but I still love to share my art and my cat! I enjoy people interacting, especially comments, so feel free to leave one directly, though I'll try to look up how to make a comment section of sorts eventually.

So far, I've managed to make the site scalable and screen reader friendly! Pat on my own back for that, it's my first time coding anything and I'm proud! Accessibility is important to me, so I will keep this site perfectly accessible to the best of my abilities, including alt text in every image and trying to keep the layout neat so it's not super annoying to navigate with sr (I'm not gonna make you skip a hundred invisible elements, don't worry). But.... since this is a picture based blog (what with it being mostly art and photos) I do make every description quite detailed, so if that's not your jam I get it.

I'd also would like to devise a way to change the color scheme, because the current one is good for my sensibilities, but it's probably quite hard to see for other people, and Neo's is far too bright for my own eyes . In a similar vein, I'd like to find a way to change language! I'm quite passionate about promoting the use of my own tongue, so even though I primarily work in English I wanna add a Galician translation to my site.

I'm happy with the button navigation for each "post", since I find galleries overwhelming and cumbersome in general, but I wanna try to find a way to group themes in my art, since I do a lot of fanart and I think it'd be nice to be able to navigate just those fandoms you like.... Not sure how I wanna do that yet though, I think a search bar is going to be too hard.... maybe just a fandom index? I don't know, I'll work it out.